• The rosary structure is divided into two categories


    1. a single group of rosary. That is, a string of beads consists of one mother bead and a different number of sub-beads. 2. Group rosary. That is, a string of rosary beads, in addition to the mother beads and the child beads, there are also beads (also known as the number of take), disciple beads (a...

  • Introduction to the main rosary and other legal objects of fruits


    1. Ashura, Ashura is one of the ancient Indian gods, translated into "unprovoked" in Chinese, because of its ugly appearance. Ashura is also one of the "six verses" (that is, Heaven, Man, Ashura, Livestock, Hungry Ghost, Hell). The Ashura is named after its shape, with an oblate shape, a ribbed shap...

  • Introduction to the main rosary and other legal objects of fruits


    20. The lotus seat, which is a pedestal of rare plants, is reddish in color and hard in texture. Each grain is like a small lotus seat, and the name is created. According to reports, this object is attached to the body, which can guarantee peace, increase auspiciousness and help practice. twenty one...

  • What is the role of rosary in Buddhism? What is the origin of the rosary?


    "The Rosary" is also known as the number of beads. It is mainly used by some religions in prayer, singing, and chanting. It is generally used most in Taoism, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. But nowadays rosary has been commercialized, and all kinds of rosary that we can buy on the market, most ...

  • Catholic rosary


    The rosary of the Catholic Church is also called the Rosary Rosary. When mourning, you should hold the rosary, first cross the holy sacred, read the confession once again, the Lord once again, the Madonna three times, the Holy Three glory once again; then meditate on each end, and 诵God once again, t...

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