What is the role of rosary in Buddhism? What is the origin of the rosary?


"The Rosary" is also known as the number of beads. It i […]

"The Rosary" is also known as the number of beads. It is mainly used by some religions in prayer, singing, and chanting. It is generally used most in Taoism, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. But nowadays rosary has been commercialized, and all kinds of rosary that we can buy on the market, most of them are a kind of jewelry. But since ancient times, rosary has been used as an important tool for spiritual practice. There are 81 rosary beads in Taoism, representing 81 changes in Taishang Laojun. The Catholic Church is a rose rosary with 59 chanting. And there are 108 Buddhism, which represents the elimination of 108 kinds of sentient beings. So what is the origin of the rosary in Buddhism?
Regarding the origin of the beads, we can refer to the record in the "Muzizijing": after the wave left the king to listen to the Buddha's suggestion, he began to use the wooden raft to make the beads, in order to assist in the name of the Dharma, so as to eliminate karma and troubles. . It is thus known that Buddhist rosary began from this time.
Not all rosary beads are beads, and beads are also classified. They are generally divided into beads, beads and beads. Peizhu is the bead that is worn on the wrist or arm; the bead is a bead that has a hand while reading the scriptures and used to recite the Buddhist scriptures; and the hanging beads are the beads hanging around the neck. The rosary that is commercialized is Peizhu, which is the “chain of bracelets”, usually ranging from 15 to 18 pieces. Buddhist beads are generally made of precious and fine wood, which looks very dignified, while Hindu rosary is generally made from rare evil spirits.
The earliest Buddhist monk who used the beads in the history of Buddhism was the Taoist monk of the Pure Land of the Tang Dynasty. In the historical records, the monk monk practiced very advanced, and he had to recite the Buddha number 70,000 times a day. At first they were counted with beans, and every time they were read, they were counted with beans. Later, the monks of the Taoist monks let the believers use the wooden rafts to serve as the beans, and the beads also came from this. Buddhism is mainly used to sing the scriptures, to eliminate bad thoughts when holding a curse, to correct their own body and mind, to play a supporting role.
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