The rosary structure is divided into two categories


1. a single group of rosary. That is, a string of beads […]

1. a single group of rosary.
That is, a string of beads consists of one mother bead and a different number of sub-beads.
2. Group rosary. That is, a string of rosary beads, in addition to the mother beads and the child beads, there are also beads (also known as the number of take), disciple beads (also known as the notes), notes to stay, or some ornaments. The mother beads usually have only one grain and two capsules. The rosary of Tang Mi Xiu's method is two mother beads, representing him.
One hundred and eighty, and fifty-four rosary beads, one for every twenty-seven beads: one for every nineteen for twenty-seven: one for every six for eighteen.
The younger brother is generally small in size, with ten or twenty. The string is at the other end of the mother bead. Taking ten capsules as a small string, it means giving, holding, forbearing, advancing, meditation, prajna, convenience, willingness, strength, and wisdom. Disciple beads can also be used for counting purposes. Each time you read a bead, you can dial a disciple.
Cord Rosary