Introduction to the main rosary and other legal objects of fruits


1. Ashura, Ashura is one of the ancient Indian gods, tr […]

1. Ashura, Ashura is one of the ancient Indian gods, translated into "unprovoked" in Chinese, because of its ugly appearance. Ashura is also one of the "six verses" (that is, Heaven, Man, Ashura, Livestock, Hungry Ghost, Hell). The Ashura is named after its shape, with an oblate shape, a ribbed shape, a heart-like shape, and a slightly pointed fruit. Ashura, who has its own unique energy, helps to practice.
2. The draoni is a hard, hard fruit. The meaning of the draoni is the total holding, which means that the total ability to capture the infinite amount of Dharma without forgetting the memory, always holds the merits of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, so that all good laws grow, and all evil laws do not mean. The Buddha beads of the Daloni son, holding the Buddha, have the meaning of collecting good law and suppressing evil.
3. Manizi, Mani means Baozhu, which is said to have the function of eliminating disasters. Manizi is a hard brown fruit with many lines on the surface, which is rare. Its function of exorcism and avoidance of disasters is strong, and it can help to save peace and wealth.
4. The golden silk bodhi is a rare plant with a hard texture and white color. There is a red and a line on the inside, so it is named as the golden silk bodhi. It has unique characteristics and charm.
5. Scorpio is the ancient name of India. In the south of Lingyin Mountain in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, there is a mountain named Tianzhu Mountain. The Bodhi nobility of the Bodhi, which grows in the mountains, is of different sizes and has an elliptical shape with irregular plaques on the outside. The Bodhi Bodhi has an elegant and profound charm and charm.
6. The phoenix-eye bodhi has a phoenix eye on each grain, and the phoenix eye symbolizes auspiciousness. The buddha made from the phoenix-eye bodhi is one of the essential instruments of the Tantric practitioners.
7. Longan Bodhi has a triangular eye on each grain. The dragon has special significance in Buddhism, such as the "Dragon Elephant" metaphor for the Bodhisattva's ceremonies, "Dragon Ying", which is one of the three Guanyin Bodhisattvas. The translation of Long Fan's voice into "Nagar" has the ability to call for the wind and rain, and it is also the law to protect the Dharma. Longan Bodhi, especially the Indian Longan Bodhi, is a rare thing, that is, a must-have item for the practitioner. It is also the product of exorcism and wisdom.
8. The unicorn eye bodhi has a special shape. Each square has a square eye. The whole bodhi has an oblate persimmon, and the middle square eye is like a copper coin. Kirin is the leader of the beast, the deer body, with a lining, with a horn on the head, symbolizing auspicious. The Qilin Eye Bodhi is rarer than the Longan Bodhi. It is Zengfuhui, helping enlightenment, and protecting the upper line of Bodhi.
9. It is a rare fruit seed with a dark gray color and irregular small dot-like protrusions on the grain. The strange thing is that each grain has a small circular hole, which leads to the sky. It is said that this bead can absorb the body's disease, and often holding this bead helps to strengthen the body and eliminate fatigue. Expel the evil, keep the peace, and help you through the eyes.
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