What's so special about wearing wooden beads?


1: The beads cannot be said to buy, but to say please, […]

1: The beads cannot be said to buy, but to say please, just like the statue of Buddha, please ask for a string of beads, please ask for a statue of Buddha. Prices can be said, but not bought.
2: If the prayer beads are temporarily removed, they are not worn on the hands, and cannot be put into the pockets of pants. They can be wrapped up and placed in jacket pockets, preferably shirt pockets, to show respect.
3: When placed normally, do not put it under the books or other objects, but place it on it. Don't put it in untidy place, you need to wrap it up and put it in a safe and tidy place.
4. Don't get water on the sandalwood beads, so take off the beads when taking a bath, swimming, washing clothes, or other water. If you accidentally get wet, wipe off the water as soon as possible. Because the water will lighten the sandalwood beads, reducing gloss. For example, someone washed the small sandalwood with water, but the beads became discolored, and there was no gloss. Some people even use detergents to make it worse.
5. Scented beads, such as agarwood beads and sandalwood beads. When not in use, do not put them with other smelly things. Store them separately and put them in a sealed bag. Does not skewer.
Six: Beads should be careful not to collide with other things, especially those with seven treasures and jade, because these beads are very brittle and hard, and collisions can easily cause damage.
Seven: The bead cannot be exposed to the sun, because the bead is easy to crack.
Eight: The bead should always be moved or played, so that the beads will gradually form a slurry on the beads. And it gives Buddhism spirituality.