The most suitable for women's hand rosary


In recent years, wearing bracelets has become a habit f […]

In recent years, wearing bracelets has become a habit for many people, and the rosary used by Buddhist monks in chanting has become a fashion. I hope to use the Zen heart and Buddha nature to protect and bless people, and at the same time let people It looks peaceful and elegant! The decorative effect is not inferior to gold and silver jewelry. Now let ’s talk about the taboos in the Buddhist family when girls bring rosary and which are suitable for women!
Most of the things in the Buddhist family are somewhat taboo, everything must follow the rules, otherwise it may have no effect and it will be counterproductive! Like some flame-patterned beads, they look really beautiful, and generally appear in bodhi, rosewood, agarwood! But in the Buddhist "Len Yan Jing" said "bad karma harms the body such as fire" and the flame pattern on the wood pillar means the fire of hell, so it is very unfavorable to the wearer. Players must pay attention when stringing!
Many people follow the words of men and women, women will wear their strings on their right hands, but some unwritten rules in temples are that light bracelets must be worn on their left hands. The specific meaning is unknown, but absolutely Not groundless!
There are usually stupas on the bead bracelets, so when hanging on the neck or without hanging, put the string on the pagoda up! Buddha beads are different from other bracelets, but anyone who is particular about it should never touch and play with other people's jewelry at random, and don't be played by others with their own jewelry. There are several situations where you cannot touch the rosary with your hands: Blood stains on hands, dirt on hands, etc. The good rosary sold on the street vendor must pay attention, it may be the funeral items poured out from the ancient tomb, and the woman is easily vulnerable to the backwash of Yin!
There are seven treasures in Buddhism in Buddhism. When a woman wears a rosary, if possible, a whole set can be considered, which is conducive to standing upright and the effect of Wangfu! The following are some rosary suitable for women, mainly made of wood, especially important.
Agarwood is the king of incense, suitable for both men and women. All major religions regard it as a treasure. First of all, they can refresh their minds and warm their waists. Second, they can also be used for housekeeping and medicinal purposes. The phoenix bodhi symbolizes auspicious auspiciousness, an important instrument for Buddhist tantra, especially for those who believe in Buddhism, it is said to increase merit! Lotus Bodhi is exquisite in style and looks like a lotus flower. After wearing it, it will have a cleansing effect. It symbolizes the honor and honor and has a very good meaning! The sea yellow in the sea yellow bracelet is a symbol of aristocracy, and it is also an extremely rare species in wooden bracelets. It is one of the most precious bracelets at present. Its beautiful appearance can promote business attributes, attract wealth, and increase hope. , Very popular with high-end people, highlighting taste!
Many attributes of the bracelet are exact, just like the agarwood rosary for bracelet, at least you don't have to worry about sleeping, so don't underestimate these bracelets, there are really many wonderful things!