Rosary bracelet


The sacred bead bracelet is a bracelet made by connecti […]

The sacred bead bracelet is a bracelet made by connecting the round sacred beads made of natural materials with precision. This kind of bracelet has the effects of calming down the soul and prosperous wealth after blessing.
"Buddhism bracelet" refers to a kind of jewelry that is used to string a certain number of beads together with a rope or thread, which is suitable for wearing on the wrist.
The rosary bracelet is an accessory. People who wear it think that wearing this accessory can bring good luck to themselves and their relatives.
Buddhist beads bracelets can be bought in many tourist and cultural scenic spots, or you can find them in temples.
Buddhism bracelets are now popular all over the world, especially in Asia, such as China, Korea, and Japan.
The beads are generally spherical, meaning perfection, meaning perfection. We often complain about many shortcomings in life and many shortcomings in people, but we always don't find an important problem, that is, the one that Buddhism speaks a thousand words and bitterly wants to explain: everyone has perfect wisdom and merits. It is only because of his needless troubles that he has covered these inherently complete wisdom and cannot show it. As long as you can resolve these needless troubles, you can use the three bodies, the four wisdoms, the five eyes, and the six links as you would a Buddha.
Each string of beads consists of a main bead, several other beads, and a string. The main bead represents the Buddha, the rope represents the Dharma, and several other beads represent the monk. The three treasures of the Buddha, Dharma, and Monk can be contained in a string of beads. Therefore, it is necessary to be respectful to the sacred beads, such as to clean up the mind and body. The so-called: keep your mouth away and avoid being offended, and not annoy everything.