• Why are the Catholic rosaries 59?


    The Catholic rosary is 59, the 59 beads and the cross-bit like a closed ring that is stringed according to certain rules. The rosary is a tool for commemorating the counting of the rose. The big bead at the front end, the one who relies on the cross, the lord of the lord, the third glory after the t...

  • Rosary


    That is to say, do n’t mean to kill life, it is a symbol of great love and a symbol of wisdom. The bead in his hand reminds compassion and loves his life. Each string of beads consists of a main bead, several other beads, and a rope. The main bead represents the Buddha, the rope represents the Dharm...

  • What is the meaning of the beads? Why are they all round?


    The sacred beads were not called sacred beads before. At that time they were called "rosary beads." The sacred beads originated from the "Muzizi Sutra", which was originally a Buddhist carrying tool. However, although the rosary can be said to be representative of the Buddhists, it cannot be traced ...