What is the meaning of the beads? Why are they all round?


The sacred beads were not called sacred beads before. A […]

The sacred beads were not called sacred beads before. At that time they were called "rosary beads." The sacred beads originated from the "Muzizi Sutra", which was originally a Buddhist carrying tool. However, although the rosary can be said to be representative of the Buddhists, it cannot be traced to its roots. It is said that it was created by the Vishnus in the Brahmanism of ancient India. Buddhism has been inherited and flourished. Now all Buddhists It was almost a rosary.
So what exactly is the bead used for, and why is it almost a must for Buddhist children?
Counting can be said to be the most basic function of the bead. I do n’t know on TV. I thought it was to read the sacred chant with the sacred bead. In fact, every time I read the sacred slogan and every time I swiped a sacred bead, I recorded a number in my heart. Then it starts and ends again and again and again. Counting chanting can be said to be one of the basic ways of Buddhist chanting.
Those who have just entered the Buddhist chants can't calm down when reading the sutras, and the beads bracelet can help users condense their minds, quench delusions, and concentrate on spiritual practice. It is an important instrument used to wake up Taoism. So for Buddhists, holding a string of beads is a reminder of self-reflection, love of life, and spirituality. The fourth is to pray for disaster relief. The bead bracelets can help people calm down and stabilize their minds.
Why are the beads used in beads?
One: round beads have a perfect meaning. There are two interpretations of perfection. The first is flawlessness and perfection, and the second is fullness. The fusion of the two types of interpretations of the round beads of the bead bracelets is a blessing to the holder. It combines the traditional folk culture of "pleasing" and "good color" in China, and is an expression of people's desire for a better life.
Second: the feel of the ball is last. It is also easier to dial when you are chanting. Can you imagine the square or other shaped beads? The round beads are not only easy to use, but also look very comfortable on the outside, which is more in line with people's aesthetics. Therefore, not only the beads, but most of the hand-beaded beads are round, which is convenient and beautiful to wear, and not uncomfortable.
Third: Contains the meaning of Buddhism. Bracelets made of round beads have no end point and no starting point. They are circulated round and round, and they always circulate. This also represents the theory of Buddhism: reincarnation, endless.

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