How to use Islam, Sikh, Hindu religious rosary


I. Islam The counters necessary for believers to mourn, […]

I. Islam
The counters necessary for believers to mourn, when reading the most beautiful and auspicious ninety-nine names of Allah, can soothe the soul and bring comfort to the spirit.
The main teachings of the six major teachings of Islam are the belief in Allah, which is also known as "Allah," representing the mighty Almighty.
The Hadith quoted Muhammad as saying: "A hundred times a day, you will add a thousand good deeds to a thousand things." For many believers in Islam, the so-called sacred religious beliefs, It is five times a week, and all of it belongs to Allah. It is a kind of spiritual comfort and spiritual comfort.
The mosque is a gathering place for Muslims, mainly for prayer. In the middle of the entrance, there will be a bathing pool. Before you pray, you must first wash your head, face, hands, shoulders and feet with water and cleanse your body before you can start praying.
Islam believers, there will be a string of 33 rosary in their hands, carefully observed, the believers will constantly turn every bead of the rosary, a bead, a name, a bead mourning
Three times, the name of Allah, the most sincere praise. Just changing the rosary three times is equivalent to reading ninety-nine divinities. Ninety-nine is a favorite of Islam and the most proud of it.
Second, Sikhism
Wearing on the body, it has a soothing effect on the mind. The rhythm of the rosary by the fingers helps the center to think about the name of the god. The only god of the Sikh religion is the true ancestor. The true ancestor is the creator of the universe. It is immortal and invisible. The Sikhs are the most important to convey. Its information on the Sikh scriptures "The First Classics." The early leaders of Sikhism were the teachers who taught God's will. They were also called "grandfathers." The first ancestor was Nagak (AD 1461 to 1559). He founded Sikhism in North India. Strictly pursue monotheism, do not shape the body for God, and emphasize equality for all.
Sikhism can be said to be a very unique sect. From the perspectives of doctrines, canons, temples, and the wear of Christians, it combines the teachings of Hinduism and Islam, but it is also very distinctive. Their temples are generally golden temples. There are no statues in the temple, only the Sikh scriptures.
In the portrait of the first ancestor, Nanak, it is clear that the Indians are wearing a heavy-duty way of dressing, and by fingering the rhythm of the rosary, it helps to focus on the name of God.
Third, Hinduism
Wear it on your body and get spiritual satisfaction. In addition to counting, there is also the meaning of decoration. India is a country with a very strong religious color. This mysterious ancient country is not only the birthplace of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, but also various religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and worship in India. Faith is a veritable religious museum.
Among them, Hinduism is now the largest religion in India, and it has the greatest impact on Indian society. Islam is the second largest religion in India and the Muslim population is very large. About half of India's total population believes in Hinduism. Hinduism originated from Brahman's later absorption of Indian folk beliefs. Nowadays, it is the bulk of Indian faith. The three main gods of Hinduism are Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Hinduism are collectively called the three main gods. For the "three-in-one Indians, there have been ridiculous customs since ancient times. According to the records, they have also evolved into the origin of rosary. From the statues of Vishnu, we can see the habit of hanging rosary, even in the second world, from India. The statue of "The Dragon King Returns to the Buddha" has a Brahman statue that hangs the rosary. It can be inferred that the use of the rosary is very common in Hinduism.