How to use Catholic and Orthodox religious rosary


In our country, we only know that Buddhism uses rosary. […]

In our country, we only know that Buddhism uses rosary. It is not known that the rosary is not only in the Chinese

region, but even the world's major religious believers will use rosary when they practice. Let us analyze the use

of the Great Religious Rosary.
First, Catholic
The purpose of the Rosary in Catholicism is to help believers to clearly distinguish which passage should be

mourned when they mourn the rosary. The Catholic rosary is used for counting, and there is a cross below. The so-

called "Rose Sutra" is composed of a series of sequels, so believers must use rosary to count the number of

chanting, so the rosary is also called "rose rosary." The political rosary used by the Catholic Church is divided

into two types: hand beads and hanging beads.
1, the hand beads, the rosary used by the Catholic Church, the string has eleven beads, can be placed on the wrist.
2. Beads, the most commonly used rosary used by Catholics to pray for Yuanshou, is a rose rosary composed of big

beads plus beads and a cross. It is a must-have instrument for mourning the . Usually a bunch of rose

rosary will have fifty beads, each of which is a group. The middle is separated by a larger bead. The rosary will

be matched with a cross. The shape is very special. Therefore, in recent years, the rose rosary is often regarded

as a group. Jewelry to wear, become a fashion.
Second, the Orthodox Church
It is convenient to mourn the holy name in the daily life of the individual's spirituality and travel. The goal is

to focus the mind on the scriptures.
The way the Orthodox Church mourns is to hold the beads and read the for each bead. According to the

teachings of the Orthodox Church, the ultimate goal of life is to unite with God. To effectively bind God, it is to

let the Lord Jesus live in our hearts, and we are also in the heart of the Lord Jesus, and this method is to hold

the "Jesus Prayer". And this party is a short haiku, the main basis comes from the prayers of the

eye-catchers mentioned in the Bible. : The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, pity me. However, in

order to focus the mind on the scriptures, this haiku is often reduced to "the Lord Jesus Christ, pity me", and by

holding the holy name, we can establish a communion relationship with the god Jesus Christ.