Buddhism is a portable tool used by Buddhists to recite […]

Buddhism is a portable tool used by Buddhists to recite numeracy and is widely used among sects. This is called "the rosary", which originated from the name of the three treasures of the Dharma, to eliminate troubles and report obstacles. Generally, it can be divided into three types: beading, beading, and hanging beads.
The number of beads per string characterizes different meanings. The materials of the beads are too numerous to mention, and the beads made of the "Seven Treasures" are the most distinguished and distinguished. Bodhi is one of the most well-known types of beads.
Buddhism is the most convenient tool for propagating the Fa. When using beads, don't over-consider its structure, number of particles and materials. As long as you can do "staying away from mourning, holding the beads and beware", you can prove Bodhi and achieve Nirvana early.
Throughout the millennium, the rosary has evolved from the tool of meditation to the symbol of the wisdom of all beings.
When people face troubles and embarrassment, they are not particularly unadorned, not arrogant, and pray for peace and longevity.
As more and more people like and wear rosary, the beads become a symbol of fashion culture beyond the religious meaning.