• Buddhism


    The following is the method of the lobular rosewood beads in Guangdong and Guangxi: Tools/Materials: soft cotton cloth, cotton bath towel, etc. Steps/methods: When buying new beads, first use a clean and dry cotton bath towel to force the surface of the beads. The purpose of this is to clean the wax...

  • Buddha beads


    The different numbers of beads that make up the bracelet represent different meanings. Wearing a bead bracelet on the hand, it is always reminding people to be compassionate, to practice at all times, to be good and evil. The bracelet is generally worn on the left hand, because the left hand is used...

  • Beads maintenance attention


    1. Do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time when wearing the bead bracelet to avoid collision deformation. Second, avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, do not wear swimming, especially in sea water. Third, if you have enough time, use cotton to clean it after wearing it every day, p...