Develop traditional handicrafts, and adapt to the market


At 9:00 on March 5, the second meeting of the 12th Nati […]

At 9:00 on March 5, the second meeting of the 12th National People's Congress was opened in the Great Hall of the People. Premier Li Keqiang made a report on government work. The report mentioned cultural system reform and cultural economic policy many times. As an ancient civilization, China has a history of thousands of years of profound craftsmanship. How is the development of arts and crafts today? How will the national intangible cultural heritage develop in the future? With these questions, the China Economic Network "Cultural Celebrity Interview" invited Zhang Niancai, the representative of the National People's Congress, Hengshui Yihuzhai, Zhang Nicai, the National People's Congress, and the chairman of Hebei Yishui. When talking about the issue of the 7th China Arts and Crafts Masters review work organized by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, Zhang Yucai said that "there is no difference between arts and crafts." In the program, Zhang Shufen said that many people who are not genetically inherited are unwilling to do it, and at the same time, no one can do it.

Crafts development lies in innovation

Zhang Yucai said that the development of handicrafts including traditional handicrafts lies in innovation, innovation is its vitality, and quality is its credibility. When it comes to the fact that many people have concentrated modern fashion elements on handicrafts, Zhang Yicai believes that the impact on the development of handicrafts is a good influence. At present, their works have many things combined with modern cultural elements.

But when it comes to the development of products, Zhang Shufen exemplified that "there was a time from the Eastern Han Dynasty, but it was only a practical downfall. It was not so much craftsmanship, it was very simple." But in the late 1980s, the platform gradually grew. On the simple basis, some good cultural elements have been added, such as landscapes, flowers and birds. Zhang Shufen believes that crafts must be made into cultural products, so that it will have a collection value, otherwise in the face of the market, the competitiveness will be relatively poor

The impact of national policies on the development of crafts

With the continuous development of society, emerging handicrafts have become a new trend. The state also has many preferential support policies for folk arts and crafts. According to Zhang Yucai, if the company develops a new variety of products, the state will give corresponding financial support. In terms of taxation, the state also gives certain preferential policies so that entrepreneurs in the industrial art industry can achieve stronger development during the creative stage.

The introduction of the eight regulations last year has affected the enterprises that were originally dominated by the public. According to Zhang Yicai, their current products are also adjusting their direction, preferring the needs of the people, and indicating that the current reaction in the private market is not bad. . Zhang Shufen also said that the company mainly used the collapse of conference gifts before, but at present, in order to adapt to this situation, in addition to a series of measures, the company develops the enterprise customized market and practical market. Both guests said that this transformation is a major test for enterprises.

Non-genetic inheritance is not good

According to Zhang Shufen, non-genetic inheritors have a subsidy of 20,000 yuan per year, and said that although this subsidy does not play much role, it is a psychological comfort to non-genetic inheritors. Zhang Shufen also said that it is usually very difficult to cultivate non-genetic inheritors. There are two aspects here. On the one hand, non-genetic inheritance work is really hard, but the income is not much higher than that of ordinary workers, and the effect is slow, resulting in many people not Willing to do this. On the other hand, the selection of non-genetic inheritors is also very picky, requiring the inheritors to have sufficient understanding and the need for the inheritors to work hard. This is a long process.

There is still a difference between non-legacy and arts and crafts.

The current jury of the 7th China Arts and Crafts Masters is being organized and implemented by the newly established Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association of the Ministry of Culture. In a proposal submitted to the conference, Master Zhang Yucai said that “the practice is not good, which is not conducive to the development of the industry.” In the interview, the reason is introduced in detail. He said that a small part of the arts and crafts is included in the national intangible cultural heritage, while the intangible heritage includes a wide range, many of which are not in the category of arts and crafts. . Zhang Yucai also said that if elected by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, the intangible heritage inheritor should be chosen. This title is more practical, but this is not compatible with the title of Chinese arts and crafts master. In the end, Zhang Yucai concluded: "There is still a difference between non-legacy and arts and crafts."