Buddha never wears beads, why do believers like it so much?


More and more people like to wear the bead, thinking th […]

More and more people like to wear the bead, thinking that it is very fashionable, elegant and elegant, and low-key and luxurious. Women wear small beads beads, especially elegant; men wear large beads beads, vaguely domineering side leakage, adding a touch of calm and successful manliness.
The Buddhist beads have gradually stripped off the original religious meaning and become a fashionable cultural symbol. I believe that many people must want to know the true meaning of the beads: How did the beads come? What are the benefits of wearing a bead? Who mandates monks to hang Buddhist beads? Why does n’t the Buddha himself wear beads?
Buddhist beads, originally called rosary. Some religions use a certain number of beads for counting purposes when praying, chanting, mantras, or spiritual practice. That's right, just like drawing the word "positive", this is just a primitive counting method, which has no special meaning! Moreover, the sacred beads are not the patent of the Buddhists.
Most religions in the world, such as Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, use rosary counting. Our native Taoist rosary is 81, which represents Taishang Laojun's 81st chapter of morality, and it will change in ninety-nine.
Compared with other religions, Buddhism cultivates a calm mind, and the scientific era is more in line with the current impetuous spiritual pursuit. Therefore, the Buddhist beads have more special connotation than other religious rosaries. The Buddha said that the bead is the most convenient method for carrying out the Fa. Wearing the bead can make people not particularly undecorated, arrogant and restless, happy and peaceful.
There are many records about the beads in the Buddhist scriptures. For example, the Buddha in the Book of Muzizi said that in order to eliminate troubles and sin, 108 Muzhu (a kind of tall deciduous tree) should be used to make 108 beads. name.
A friend once asked: Why haven't you seen Buddha or Guanyin wearing a bead? Is there anything special about wearing a bead?
In fact, the bead has evolved into a sign of Buddhism. But tracing its origins, it is just a product of "Bring Doctrine." The Brahmins in ancient India had a tradition of wearing rosary, but monks represented by Buddha did not wear rosary at first! In the portraits of the Buddha and the disciples, the monks in yellow clothes never hang the beads, but the white Brahmans have rosary beads on their necks, let alone the Buddha's deity. Although the Buddha does not wear a bead, the believer is particular about it.